About Us

The Roundabout Revellers were founded in 2006,  originally as a pantomime group based in the Gransdens and District. From small beginnings, the group has thrived producing a number of further pantomime productions but also branching out into well-known plays, self-scripted works, short films, workshops, revues and writing groups. The group draws together many talented people from our local community who all bring a range of experiences and enthusiasms to our work.

The Steering Group

Our Steering Group  helps with the smooth running of events. The Steering Group are elected at our Annual General Meeting in March. Members of current production teams may be co-opted to the Steering Group for the duration of their production.Whats on page.001The Steering Group meets every six weeks and it’s main purposes are:-

  • To set the performing calendar for the year.
  • To commission and plan performances and workshops.
  • To make sure that the processes of the group are appropriate.
  • To support the recruitment of production teams.
  • To commission scripts and new materials.
  • To manage the budget and allocating funding.
  • To secure funding and grants.
  • To maintain a Child Protection Policy, ensuring that all activities comply with it.
  • To take responsibility for the safety and legal aspects of all activities.
  • To ensure a seamless handover to each new Steering Group.

The Steering Group welcomes ideas and suggestions from The Revellers, so please feel free to approach us informally by emailing elainemboyd@gmail.com