About Us

The Revellers provide a community arts group for the Gransdens and District. Activities Revellers may be involved with include: Plays, Pantomime, Workshops, Revues, Social Events, Fund-raising, Theatre Trips, Script Reading, Writing Groups, Technical Teams.

An Annual General Meeting is held in March each year to discuss the group’s activities, finances and to appoint the new Steering Group.

The Committee 2016

The Committee 2016

The Steering Group (SG) provides a directional and administrative function for The Revellers. It is formed of between 5 – 7 members, who are appointed at the Annual General Meeting and hold office for one year, after which they stand down (but may offer themselves for re-election). The SG meets every 6 weeks to fulfil its remit, namely: 

  • Steering The Revellers to enable that aims can be realistically achieved.
  • Setting the calendar for the season.
  • Developing procedures and practice to enhance the running of The Revellers.
  • Commissioning and planning performances and workshops.
  • Ensuring the recruitment of production teams.
  • Setting the audition processes.
  • Commissioning and approving scripts.
  • Managing the budget and allocating funding.
  • Securing funding and grants.
  • Maintaining a Child Protection Policy, ensuring that all activities comply with it.
  • Taking responsibility for the safety and legal aspects of their activities.
  • Ensuring a seamless handover to the newly elected steering group.

The SG welcomes ideas and suggestions from The Revellers, so please feel free to approach any  of us.